Why does this blog exist?

This blog exist because I believe that your hair doesn’t have to be perfect or your make-up flawless to look good. Choosing the messy pieces of life rather than the buttoned-up facade.  We can create a presence and mood that invokes a sense of awe when we enter a room. I believe we can do this by first being who we are and being okay with the imperfect.

Questions, inquiries or just to say hello, email me at: marycasey27@gmail.com




8 thoughts on “Why

  1. Hey! I love the blog so far. Your style is super unique yet accessible which I really love!

    I’m a young fashion photographer in Chicago always looking for new projects to take on so if you ever want to team up, I’d be honored to work with you on a photo shoot for a blog post.

    Take a look at my work at http://www.madelinenorthway.com and shoot me an email if you’re interested in working together!


  2. Hi I’m olga and I would like to be in the world of blogger I need help because not is where to start. today and saw your blog and me to like. me could you give some tips to start my blog?

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