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This past Friday I met some friends for lunch at Fred’s, a great little cafe on the top floor of Barney’s in Chicago.  Everywhere you looked it was the creme de la creme of Chicago’s best dressed.  For this kind of occasion you need a statement bag.  I could have opted for my standard Emporio Armani bag that I usually carry, however, I decided to go with my new Free People tote instead.  Not really in the price range of bags you generally see on the arms of women at Barney’s but made just as much if not more of an impression if I do say so myself.  I think I am officially obsessed with this new tote.  Like maybe my favorite bag ever (considering bags usually totally bore me to death). I will say though, one of my girlfriends, Jaclyn, wore her new Alex Wang bag, and I admittedly almost started drooling.  Maybe I am turning a new bag leaf.

Photos by Nicholas Ryan

Bag: Free People (also really cool clutch here) , T-Shirt: Foreign Exchange, Jeans: Forever21 (better quality here haha), Shoes: Steve Madden (no longer available but also cute here and here – the leopard print), Hat: Zara

10 thoughts on “An Affordable Statement Bag

    1. Omg, Zara is so great! I have never shopped online there actually. I dont know why. I should check out their online store. And yes, Free People def has got the boho thing down to perfection xx

  1. Absolutely love this bag! I totally agree with you, I’m not a designer bag nut either – I’d rather ten of these unique one-of-a-kind boho bags over one boring leather Prada for the same cost. While in Thailand I scooped up a few of those embroidered floral beach bags, and I’m totally in love. I also have another favourite from Free People hand-crafted and beaded by a North American Native tribe I adore. It’s just better when you can tell someone put their heart into a bag, not an object of mass production 🙂

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