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For a while now I’ve had a thing for Alexa Chung.  She has been doing the effortlessly cool thing forever.  Plus her killer legs, deep stare, and too cool for school style don’t hurt either.  As if that’s not enough, in her new book she now shows her openness and quick-witted sense of humor.  “It”, as it’s titled, is a quick read – like one or two sittings quick. Luckily, it makes for a great coffee table book once you’ve finished. “It” is chock full of beauty, style, and life tips. Many of which actually inspired me to get out and do what she recommends – (see new experimenting with cat-eye eyeliner look I’ve been trying). Plus, it is always fun to read about the fashion girls’ fashion week seating politics from a girl like Alexa, who spills the secrets while poking fun at the very cool girl club she’s a part of. Alexa freely opens up about problems in her life – like that one time she was seated next to Anna Wintour at the Chanel show…or was it Prada…I can’t remember.  Anyway, she said she was very nervous.  The anxiety!  Seriously though, it’s entertaining. And I think she accomplished what she was going for; everyone who reads this book is going to feel like her best friend by the last page.  Or at least that they want to be.  I think that actual role is reserved for Poppy Delevingne.

Photos by Chris Whatton

Sweater: Alexander Wang, Jeans: Forever21, Shoes: Steve Madden (my new faves), Book: “It” by Alexa Chung

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  1. Speaking of legs for days… love this casual look (but slightly annoyed – how do you have so little snow and sweater weather in Chicago?!) Not fair! And yes, I think if I came within a mile radius of Anna Wintour I’d probably just black out and not remember a thing, sounds like a great read!


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