Plunging Neck

Plunging Neck Lines

  The plunging deep V neck line (sans cleavage) is one of my favorite trends recently.  Well, I have loved it for a long time – it is very elongating and therefore flattering – but currently it feels very of the moment.  Besides that, I’m feeling slightly erratic right now because I drank a latte […]

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Be Cool

    I’m all about supporting the local community of artists, craftsmen, and designers…and trying to be cool.  Hence, the outfit above.  Don’t all the rappers sing about snapbacks? Cool.  And didn’t all the kids start smoking to be badass? Cool.  So I mean, basically I look really legit here.  Back to reality tomorrow. But […]

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Is it Okay to Wear White After Labor Day?

 Do people still even wonder this anymore – the white after Labor Day question?  For me the answer is a blatant yes, you can obviously wear white after Labor Day without so much as your grandmother blinking an eye (at least if said grandmother reads Vogue).  Around 7th grade I remember feeling weird about wearing […]

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Dressing For The Occasion

  Dressing correctly for every occasion can be stressful, expensive, and time consuming; i.e finding that perfect outfit.  It’s especially hard when you aren’t satisfied wearing something standard – the root of the “so many clothes and yet nothing to wear” problem.  You can shop all you want, but how do you know you will […]

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Babe 23 Sweatshirt

Living in Chicago is great.  There are so many great restaurants and bars, I couldn’t try them all if I tried (which actually frustrates me because I do try).  Sometimes, though, I want to get out and do something without ingesting calories and then the city has me racking my brain for ideas of what to do. […]

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Over the Knee Black Boots

Upset with myself is an understatement. Or maybe I’m being hyperbolic. I might be just upset. Either way I am really wishing I had pulled the trigger on these Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots when they were on the Nordstrom Pre-Fall Anniversary Sale- in suede, definitely suede.   If I could only get one new article of […]

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Stone Cold Fox Stardust Jumpsuit

I went back and forth for a while debating how much I loved the Stone Cold Fox Stardust Jumpsuit.  When I first saw it, it was lust at first sight. But as we all know, lust can fade fast and I started to question whether it was enough to turn from lust to the ever […]

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SCF x Urban Outfitters

If you have ever heard me talk about my favorite designers and stores or where I shop, I am kind of a broken record.  It’s always Stone Cold Fox and Urban Outfitters.  Knowing that, you can imagine how happy I was when the aforementioned decided to collaborate and brought us SCF x Urban Outfitters.  This top is […]

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Just Be You But More Like Kate Moss

Ok, we all agree, Kate Moss is a legend, an icon, and a muse.  Of course, you should just be yourself, but honestly, who doesn’t want to be more like Kate? Photos by Nicholas Ryan T-shirt: Urban Outfitters, High-waisted Jeans: Urban Outfitters (on sale)  

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In Mexico with the Minimale Animale

I was lucky enough to go down to Mexico recently to celebrate two friends getting married.  We had a great time being together, hanging by the beach, playing volleyball, and on the last night venturing into town.  In preparation for the trip, I got this Minimale Animale Golden Triangle tee.  God, the line kills it […]

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Liberal, Miserable, and Cynical

Politics and fashion are two things that rarely mesh at an elementary level.  Although,  many times there seems to be a correlation with a person’s personal style and their political views. I found this clutch undeniably humorous. Anytime fashion can make me laugh that’s a win.  And maybe I can claim at least 2 of the 3 descriptors […]

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The Best Damn Overalls Out There

  Full disclosure: I have a bit of an overall purchasing problem.  For some reason, this item is one thing that is so hard for me to pass up when I come across a good pair.  I probably have about 9 or 10 pairs of overalls, ranging in length, color, and material.  It’s not like […]

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High-Waisted Jeans and Halter Tops

Hi! I am sorry it has been so long since I have posted!  I have missed doing this so much.  Things have been a bit busy recently.  Out of town almost every weekend lately and I will still be traveling for the next month and a half.  I have a few good friends getting married […]

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Leather on Leather

Leather love! I know I need to get over my leather obsession since it’s not really warm weather appropriate attire.  At least one perk of Chicago taking so long to heat up is that I can still wear leather for a little bit longer.  It might be the last time this season, but I will […]

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Crop Tops and Overalls 2014

I don’t know about you guys, but for me the crop top trend is pretty intimidating.  I love the look but showing my stomach while walking around or going to lunch just seems weird.  Plus, being pale from a sunless winter doesn’t help either.  I decided to ease into the trend by pairing this new […]

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old steamer trunk to decorate

How We Decorated Our Apartment Using Craigslist

  This must be the week for old post references. A couple of months ago I had mentioned that I moved neighborhoods in Chicago and that for the first time ever I actually wanted to to decorate my new place in a cute way.  Here is a quick update on the progress.  We are not […]

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How to Travel the World on a Budget

Note: The comments page is not working for this post. Sorry for the inconvenience. A while ago, I first posted my tips for how to travel the world on a budget.  Now, I’m back wanting to ditch the clothes talk and focus on adventure, my drug, for a minute.  I am getting the travel bug again […]

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Muchness and Oxblood Pants

Being what I like to call a ‘shopping enthusiast’ has its downfalls. Like the day after an exceptionally successful shopping trip and you have to force yourself to look at your bank statement.  It kind of kills the high of the day before.  Not cool.  This is why I shop sales so often. I just found out […]

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Outer Space

  Admittedly, this is the third post in a month I have worn these pleather track pants (similar here and splurge worthy here).  I am obsessed and can’t take them off.  Not only are they comfortable but they also look really cool (in my opinion) – which is a rare combo.  Worn with this super […]

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Denim Button Up

  First, I would like to credit my fabulously talented roommate, Lindsay Kotay, for coloring my hair! Not as easy task with all the different colors I had going on in there. This new hair has made me want to brush it.  I’m still trying to figure out the best make-up to go with it. […]

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The Game Changer

So I did it.  I went platinum.  White may be a better description.  It is intense.  Severe really.  It has been funny to see and hear other people’s reactions when they see me.  Jaws have literally dropped but not so much in flattery. It is a less ‘pretty’ look but to tell you the truth, […]

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Pleather Paradise

 Photos by Nicholas Ryan Tank Sweater: Zara, Pleather Pants: Zara, Pleather Bag: Zara (splurge here), Shoes: Steve Madden (old, similar but cuter here)

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But Leggings Are Pants

  Not to stir up any controversy and at the risk of being offensive, I’ve just got to put my feelings out there.  To me, leggings are pants.  Now, I know many of you will disagree with me, but I just think they are.  And I constantly wear them as such.  I have heard opinions on this […]

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Winter Whites, Winter Lights

  Keeping it fresh in some winter whites and neutrals.  It started to warm up a bit last week, letting me leave the apartment without a coat for once in a long while.  It was 45 degrees and I took full advantage.  I had forgotten what the sun felt like! You can tell my skin […]

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The LBD for 2014

I used to shy away from LBDs (little black dresses) until rather recently.  I thought they were boring and couldn’t find a reason why I would waste an opportunity for wearing something fun in favor of a blah black dress.  This year, I am more into black then ever and have realized you can still […]

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Banana Republic colorblock crepe top

With a Twist

Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Banana Republic by styling two of...



Jeans: Topshop, Coat: Vintage, Shoes: Freebird,  Sweatshirt: American Apparel, Tank: Graham Elliott,...

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