Leather Track Pants – All About Them

Sometimes, you just want to feel badass.  I think leather pants are a fool proof way. Well, unless you pull a Ross, and can’t get them back up.  However, these don’t pose that problem since they are track pants, therefore, of the loosely fitting variety and also because they are pleather.  I want the real […]

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An Affordable Statement Bag

                                            This past Friday I met some friends for lunch at Fred’s, a great little cafe on the top floor of Barney’s in Chicago.  Everywhere you looked it was the creme de la creme […]

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Black Jeans All Day

I think it is safe to say I have found my favorite $10.80 pair of jeans.  The search had been long for the perfect pair of ankle skimming black jeans.  A daunting undertaking because there are so many cuts, lengths, fits, stretches, ugh I don’t even like writing about it. But jeans are (usually) an investment, and you want […]

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Best Green Smoothie Ever

I usually don’t post any recipes on here because I’ll be honest, I don’t know how to cook anything except broccoli and mac and cheese.  However, I do know how to make a smoothie, and I just made the BEST green smoothie this morning. It is inspiring me to write this post.  I had not tried […]

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                                                                        For a while now I’ve had a thing for Alexa Chung.  She has been doing the effortlessly cool thing […]

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Is Style Really A Form of Self Expression?

  Photos by Jennifer Coffey So on a completely unrelated note to this actual outfit because it is just an outfit, after all, and really doesn’t require much explanation (I think Atlantic-Pacific is on to something with her silence). And assuming no one is reading this is find out which exciting bus lines I road […]

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Snowy Day

  Again, I love the combo of all black and camel. Such a simple, yet chic look in my opinion.  Great for making an understated statement. Anyway, besides the clothes, I wanted to do another post on traveling since there is so much I have to say.  Is there anything you guys particularly want to […]

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City Styling

Happy Friday, guys! I cannot wait to hit the town this weekend. Besides that, I plan on finally seeing The Wolf of Wall Street.  I read the books, fell in love with them, and have been dying to see the movie since it came out on Christmas.  However, I just haven’t found the time yet.  This […]

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Downtown Chi-town

Although Chicago has it’s obvious drawbacks this time of year, I can’t help but love the city vibe that much more.  There is something magical that comes over downtown in the winter months, a feeling you just don’t get in the summer when everyone deserts the loop early to go play on Lake Michigan and […]

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Keep It Simple

I find playing with solid colors can be really easy while at the same time giving the air of chic, effortless sophistication.  Black is great, especially for blondes.  I’m planning to wear even more of it once I go platinum, which I plan to shortly. **Man, I am so scared to take the platinum plunge, but […]

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The Faux Fur Coat

One thing living in Chicago requires in the winter months is a great coat.  I have been obsessed with all the faux fur coats I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest lately.  I found this one, which is great for running all over town. It is just as easy as putting on my old coat, looks […]

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Forget the Fashion, In 2014 Let’s Go Travel!

I posted a shot on Instragram a few days ago of a recent trip to Peru (April/May 2013), and I had a lot of responses asking to post about how I travel so much and tips on how to do it.  The most common question I get asked is “How do you afford it all?” […]

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The Best All Natural Face Wash And It’s Under $6

There are so many skin products out there it can be completely overwhelming.  I used to go from one to the other, trying everything, hoping their promises would be the miracle for better skin. My skin always had an uneven tone, was pretty oily, and had breakouts.  About 2.5 years ago, I found the cure, […]

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Tutu Fashion Trend 2014: Wearing A Tutu After The Age Of 5?

I love a good sweater especially of the knit variety.  I wanted to try a toned down tutu for this tutu fashion trend for 2014 I have been seeing around, and felt putting a casual sweater would take the edge off the mildly ostentatious, mildly childish look, which I happen to love.  I kind of […]

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Finally, A Home!

What’s inspiring me:   Photograph: Sara Essex, Design: Valorie Hart I have been fixated on home decor lately.  For me, this is a new concept. Since the time I have been living on my own, my urge to always be on the go and moving and traveling has trumped the idea of putting any time or effort […]

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Graphic Sweatshirts

I like this look because it is a very different vibe from my New Year’s Eve outfit, however, I only needed to change one piece.  Getting a variety of looks out of the same pieces is important if you don’t want to spend your whole life and/or budget shopping.  The sweatshirt dresses down the skirt and heels. […]

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Black and White, Again

  I just posted a photo on Instagram asking which look you all prefer, white on white or black on white.  The overwhelming majority said white on white, which I actually agree with, contrary to this post 😉  However, I also love a nice black on white ensemble.  So simple, yet so chic.  Plus, who […]

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Moroccan Pants

Sorry I haven’t been updating much this week.  It has been a crazy two weeks full of art galleries and exhibits, crazy dinners, catching up with friends, a wedding and lots and lots of travel.  I am writing this on a layover from LA heading to Minnesota to attend a friend’s wedding.  I can’t wait […]

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Chunky Black Turtleneck

Heading to Miami today for Art Basel! I am so excited. I’ve never been to Miami!  That being said, this will be the last cold weather post for a week or two.  I am going with an old work colleague, and from there, she is staying and I am heading to Los Angeles to visit some […]

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Crazy Coats

Recently, I have been really loving the crazy coat trend.  I only wear this one with a simple outfit underneath so not to overpower it.  However, I did think adding a bit of orange in the form of a beanie worked here since every other color was a neutral.   Photos by Eric Clarke Coat: […]

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Black, White, and Maroon

Beanies are such a staple for Chicago weather.  I don’t care if I am running out in my pajamas to grab a burrito on a hungover Sunday morning, a beanie is just as important as a coat.  They keep the head warm most importantly, but they are also a great, affordable way to make a […]

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Pop of Neon

Here is a quick post of some pictures I shot in the desert when I was in Arizona.  I used to live there and it is always so nice to get back for a visit.  I wouldn’t want to live there anymore, but I do love going back. As for the outfit, being someone who […]

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Clean lines

At some point soon, I promise, I will start with the winter wear.  Full disclosure, I was so nervous to start a blog that I ended up shooting a lot of looks this summer before I had the guts to actually post anything.  So now, I have a lot of material to use! Until then, […]

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Floral and Leopard Print Love

Chicago is getting freaking cold.  I, thankfully, left this weekend to attend a wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It was so nice to be back, I used to live in Scottsdale when I went to college at ASU, and man do I miss that perfect weather.  We were joking that there no one has the out […]

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Denim on denim days

Denim on denim has been a staple outfit go to of mine for a while now. Here, the large black belt was a late addition, but ended up being my favorite part of the outfit. It gave the shorts more weight and tied in the black booties really well.  I’m a huge fan of monochromatic […]

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Banana Republic colorblock crepe top

With a Twist

Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Banana Republic by styling two of...



Jeans: Topshop, Coat: Vintage, Shoes: Freebird,  Sweatshirt: American Apparel, Tank: Graham Elliott,...

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