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Posted by Casey Shteamer | July 1, 2015 0

Compensation provided by Sears Style.

Bikini season.  Some dread it, some revere it, but few are indifferent.  It has always seemed odd to me that during the summer, at the pool or beach, it is totally normal to basically walk around in your underwear. Not that I have anything against this – it’s just always seemed strange to me. Why am I supposed to care so much if a stranger accidently sees my bra or underwear and yet be totally unfazed by spending all day in a bikini during a select couple of months in the summer?

Sears Style Find 2 1024x682 Beat The Heat
Sears Style Find 3 1024x682 Beat The Heat Sears Style Find 4 1024x682 Beat The Heat SearsStyleFind 1 1024x682 Beat The Heat

For a long time though, this either dreaded or revered season showed no mercy. You were forced outside in your skivvies like that bad dream where your clothes fell off during 6th period english class. Until now. The one piece is back! And with a vengeance. It’s making the fashion statement it had been shamed into hiding since when, the 1950’s? And all I can say is, thank God.

I found this one at Sears. I love the color palette, but what really sold me was the back criss-crossing lace up detail. Plus, before the pool, I can throw on some shorts and wear it as a shirt. Pretty practical and I always like that.

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Photos by Daniel Korenevsky

Swimsuit: Bongo

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