All Black Everything


vince camuto coat 7Vince Camuto black coat 1Vince Camuto black coat 3vince camuto winter coatvince camuto winter coat 3 Crisp morning air mixed with energy generated by the cliche pumpkin spice latte have made this fall intoxicating.  The only thing amiss is the fear of the looming winter approaching – and that these damn lattes are going to give me a coffee addiction.  Besides my newfound appreciation for Starbucks’ world domination – I kid, still hate it – I have decided that my fall mantra is all black everything.  It is easy and makes my new coat go with everything.  Plus, I like it with my hair.  In the summer it is harder to get away with all black, but in the fall it’s perfect.  So chic and refined with such little effort!

Photos by Dex Dexign

Coat: Vince Camuto, Shoes: NastyGal (on sale!), Leggings: American Apparel, Sunglasses: Wildfox


4 thoughts on “All Black Everything

  1. I love the different textures on your coat and the gold details! Especially the larger size of the zipper tab. Also love your bag; a gorgeous, versatile staple. Always a fan of black. Great post!

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