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Chicago StreetStyle Black Jean blogs 2014I think it is safe to say I have found my favorite $10.80 pair of jeans.  The search had been long for the perfect pair of ankle skimming black jeans.  A daunting undertaking because there are so many cuts, lengths, fits, stretches, ugh I don’t even like writing about it. But jeans are (usually) an investment, and you want to get just the right pair.  So I was reluctant to try these on at Forever21 the other day thinking it would just be a big waste of time.  I mean how can a $10 pair jeans look good? You can imagine my surprise when they fit perfectly!  The only thing I have to complain about is that the fly comes undone frequently so I am now required to safety pin the zipper up. Pretty big deal, I guess.  It’s very annoying.  But I’ll take it for the saving it afforded me.  Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Photos by Nicholas Ryan

T-Shirt: Forever21, Jeans: Forever21, Heels: No longer available (similar here & here), Hat: Zara, Leather Jacket: Mike & Chris (no longer in business) also really cool ones here (on sale) and here, Bag: Zara


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