Black, White, and Maroon


_DSC3823 _DSC3818Beanies are such a staple for Chicago weather.  I don’t care if I am running out in my pajamas to grab a burrito on a hungover Sunday morning, a beanie is just as important as a coat.  They keep the head warm most importantly, but they are also a great, affordable way to make a statement so you want to make sure it’s something you love! This particular one, I picked up at the Fairfax Flea Market in West Hollywood.  It was handmade by a girl named Casey, and I was obsessed with the large knitting it had.  Girl had a great name and could knit a mean beanie! 😉


Photos by James Haschmann

T-shirt – Urban Outfitters, Sweatsuit – American Apparel, Leggings – American Apparel, Leather jacket – Mike & Chris, Bag – Emporio Armani, Shoes – Lucky Brand, Beanie – Fairfax Flea Market in LA

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