Black and White, Again



020 - Casey (1920) 021 - Casey (1920) (2)

I just posted a photo on Instagram asking which look you all prefer, white on white or black on white.  The overwhelming majority said white on white, which I actually agree with, contrary to this post 😉  However, I also love a nice black on white ensemble.  So simple, yet so chic.  Plus, who doesn’t have a black sweater?  The only thing required is a new pair of white pants! And there you go, now you’ve got two easy outfit options.  A white tank with these pants is great as well as the black I’m wearing here.  And cuz blacks and whites are the best. Thanks.  That’s all.

027 - Casey (1920)black on white1 024 - Casey (1920) 025 - Casey (1920)


Photos by Sam Lee

Sweater – Urban Outfitters, Pants – Zara, Bag – vintage, Boots – Alexander Wang


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