Something Interesting Off To The Left?


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Dark lips have me swooning.  Admittedly intimidating to pull off, the trend oozes chicness.  Here, I went mildly safe and instead of getting a dark purple or dare I say black lip color at Sephora, I decided on a dark Marc Jacobs burgundy.  I used black eyeliner as a lip liner.  The end result is on display.  In person, I think the color looked much darker. Although I got a lot of questioning glances, probably because I was rocking this on a Wednesday around 5pm, I like the look.  The initial test run has succeeded, and I plan to have this be a weekend staple throughout the winter.  Here, I tried to make the dark lips, dark eyebrows and dark roots pop against my fair complexion and white hair.  With make-up – the same as fashion – you always have to think of the overall color palette and try to play off of that.  It is the same concept as wearing all white with black accessories, only this time it’s with my face and features.

For me, experimenting with make-up is very far outside of my comfort zone.  I don’t feel confident with make-up the way I do with clothes.  I don’t trust myself to put it on correctly.  Even when I try to do something sort of normal but different from my regular routine of concealer, foundation, blush, bronzer, black eyeliner, and mascara I feel like I probably did it all wrong and look like a clown.  So I generally do the same thing every night out.  However, I like to envision different looks and if I never venture outside of my comfort zone I’ll never feel confident with different looks.  I know I just have to try it and in time it will come naturally.

Photos by d+m

T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Pants: SCFxUO, Shoes: Forever21, Lip Color: Marc Jacobs

3 thoughts on “Something Interesting Off To The Left?

  1. Too true I feel the same way about make-up! My best friend is a beauty blogger and has about 100 different looks, eye liner shapes, day-time/night-time looks, you name it. My make-up stays pretty similar in ALL my photos so I really want to branch out and try new things too, but I always feel like I have way too much on when I do haha. You totally rock the dark lips though, love the contrast!

    1. I know, I feel the same way! Esp when trying eye shadow. It looks so good on some people and it changes their look so much that I always WANT to wear it but whenever I actually put it on, I feel like a drag queen. Once a guy I was friends with even told me to “not wear that eye stuff again”. I was like wow, that’s telling! haha

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