How We Decorated Our Apartment Using Craigslist

old steamer trunk to decorate

Turkish Kilim Pillows

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This must be the week for old post references. A couple of months ago I had mentioned that I moved neighborhoods in Chicago and that for the first time ever I actually wanted to to decorate my new place in a cute way.  Here is a quick update on the progress.  We are not nearly finished – we still have to complete the above room and have a whole other living room to decorate too.  This is what we have so far.

The main obstacle was being on a very tight budget.  We decided to use craigslist to acquire almost everything.  I ended up becoming obsessed with it because you can find such unique things on there like our 1920’s chest coffee table from an old farmhouse in Iowa…$40!  I have started to feel like Phoebe in Friends when Rachel decorates with Pottery Barn and Phoebe flips out.  (But I secretly also love Pottery Barn…but so did Phoebe.  I mean, how can you not??)

The only thing we didn’t use Craigslist, or in 2 cases Ebay, for was the pillows.  I think the patterns on the pillows you choose change the entire room, and so are very worth spending the money on.  Plus, the idea of used pillows is pretty weird even for me.  I have been getting a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and became obsessed with Turkish Kilim pillows.  I found these on Etsy here.  I am literally so obsessed with them.  I think they make the whole room.  They are made from real Turkish rugs.  I talked with the owner, and you can get 30% using the code BOHOTRUNK if you like them too 🙂

We still have a long way to go with our place, but I just wanted to post an update on how things are coming along.  I hope to have the place finished by mid May but you just never know when the cool things are going to pop up on Craigslist.  For now, I am continuing to search for that perfect next piece.

Photos by Nicholas Ryan

11 thoughts on “How We Decorated Our Apartment Using Craigslist

  1. Really cute! Furnishing on a tight budget requires a good eye and this looks great. BTW I agree on the pillows.

  2. I couldn’t comment on your previous post (travel part 2 – some error)

    “He was the most generous host, housing me for free, showing me all over his city, introducing me to his friends over great dinners, BBQs and nights out. We had a blast. He is welcome at my apartment here anytime”


    I wonder if you’re being modest or oblivious. Have you considered that your beauty helps you make quick friendships?

    1. Hi Perox,

      There might have been an element to that however Mark, my host, is a full time backpacker host, men and women alike. He is an incredibly giving soul and has a constant revolving door of backpackers staying with him at any given time, not just pretty girls. He likes to meet others and learn about different cultures. I learned from him and have decided to pay it forward and now host couchsurfers myself. The backpacking community is truly amazing and welcoming regardless of appearance.

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