Denim Button Up




casey-123casey-134casey-152 casey-124First, I would like to credit my fabulously talented roommate, Lindsay Kotay, for coloring my hair! Not as easy task with all the different colors I had going on in there. This new hair has made me want to brush it.  I’m still trying to figure out the best make-up to go with it.  Right now I am wearing bright reds lips by Hourglass (Raven) – the best lip color if you want something THAT WILL NOT COME OFF.  Seriously, that stuff is like a tattoo.  I love that you can eat with it on and not have to worry about a thing, but it is a day’s commitment.  Don’t try to rub it off or you will be left with weirdly stained lips.  Trust me.

Wearing a button up denim shirt all the way up to the top makes me feel more, well, buttoned up.  I just need to get used to ironing my clothes now and not pulling them off the floor if I am going to rock this kind of thing more often.  Whoops.   My hair is so intense that I keep thinking it looks better when I wear more put together outfits to offset it a little bit.  So here is my first go at it. Hope you like it.

 Photos by Nicholas Ryan

Denim Shirt: Target, Jeans: Anine Bing, Shoes: Old (similar here on sale, but I also really love these and they are cheap) Bag: Kate Spade – (Won it on the Price Is Right!), Sunglasses: Akira

16 thoughts on “Denim Button Up

  1. You are such a beauty & you totally pull this off! I admire your making such a bold move! Keep blogging, we’re reading 🙂

  2. Hi there!!! I love your style!!!!! Usually I don’t like these types of bags, but this is awesome!!!!! You rock honey 🙂 And I envy so much….you live in the States, my dreaming country!!! I’ll wait for you on my blog if you want!!!!! xx ilaria

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