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Flynn Skye Apron Maxi Lavendar 3Karen Walker Cynical clutchFlynn Skye Apron MaxiFlynn Skye Apron Maxi Lavendar 2Flynn Skye Apron Maxi Lavendar 5Flynn Skye Apron Maxi Lavendar 4Flynn Skye Apron Maxi Lavendar 6Flynn Skye Apron Maxi Lavendar Karen Walker clutchFlynn Skye Apron Maxi Lavendar 8Flynn Skye Apron Maxi Lavendar


Dressing correctly for every occasion can be stressful, expensive, and time consuming; i.e finding that perfect outfit.  It’s especially hard when you aren’t satisfied wearing something standard – the root of the “so many clothes and yet nothing to wear” problem.  You can shop all you want, but how do you know you will have the perfect outfit for that dressy beach BBQ at a moment’s notice? And then you have to take into account the weather (especially in Chicago)! I’m always running into this problem since I am never drawn to basics.  I end up spending my money on that one dress, jumpsuit, or skirt that is so loud and obnoxious that you can only wear it once.  Allocating my funds to such specific pieces means that I am constantly running into the “so many clothes and yet nothing to wear” dilemma and/or the “I have this fabulous outfit yet nowhere to wear it” dilemma – which I personally think is even worse!  This dress is a prime example.  Where do you wear a daytime sundress that is slightly dressy (requires high wedges), slightly see-through, and demands no bra?  Obviously, it needs to be worn in the summer, to a day event but with relatively liberal guests as to not be judged by my imminent nip slip that is guaranteed to occur.   Regardless, I find it to be perfect as long as you can have an occasion to rock it.

Photos by d+m

Dress: Flynn Skye or here (different color), Clutch: Karen Walker

4 thoughts on “Dressing For The Occasion

  1. I really like that dress. Very pretty. I can see how it would be hard because it is see through though. I hadn’t heard of Flynn Skye before, cute designs!

  2. You look so stunning! I love this dress it was made for you 🙂
    Looks so gorgeous and could be dressy or cas I think…
    love your hair it still looks amaze- are you finding the up keep hard? I am thinking of going lighter but scared the upkeep will be too much for me…
    Love ur blog x

    1. Hi Becky. Thank you! And yes, the hair is a bit hard to keep up with. My hair has become pretty fried which I knew would happen but is a bit of a bummer regardless. I keep saying every time I get it done that it is the last time and then I am going back to dirty blonde but then I never actually want to change it (I do kind of like it and I think it will be great in the winter with black as long as I keep it). I say go for it! You can always change it back if you dont like it. xx

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