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Photograph: Sara Essex, Design: Valorie Hart

I have been fixated on home decor lately.  For me, this is a new concept. Since the time I have been living on my own, my urge to always be on the go and moving and traveling has trumped the idea of putting any time or effort into decorating.  What’s the point? I think my record was 5 apartments in 12 months.  Exhausting? Yes.  Interesting? Definitely.  At points did I want to give away every last thing I owned? Oh, I pretty much did.

I will say moving so many times makes you realize what you actually need and want out of your belongings and what is just laying around collecting dust and taking up space.  If I didn’t really love it, whether it be furniture, clothes, beauty products, books, or knick knacks, it was not making it to the next apartment. Instead, it found itself at Salvation Army. Even then, things that made the first move were not bound to make the cut come the next relocation.

I have pretty much whittled away my entire belongings to about 5 boxes in total.  Which, to be honest, I LOVE.  It makes me feel clean and refreshed, and sometimes I feel almost addicted to the feeling, finding myself tempted to give away things I love just to get rid of them and have less.  Usually, when that happens I snap out of it before it’s too late.  But there definitely is something to this whole “less is more” approach.  Although, sadly it doesn’t ever really curtail me from clothing shopping.  It more so just makes me part with the old to make room for the new.  With home decor however, I’m nearly allergic to these purchases.  That’s what makes my current obsession so crazy, interior decorating.  I want to decorate my new apartment for once!


Photograph: William Waldron, Design: Jenny Dryer


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As I go, I will post pictures of our apartment work in progress.  Wish me luck, I’m a home decorating virgin!

9 thoughts on “Finally, A Home!

  1. I can so relate to what you are saying here. It’s amazing how much stuff we acquire. I have moved 4 x in the past 15 years. Even after giving away, throwing and donating, I still have too much stuff!

    The current place I live in belongs to my brother so my only room to decorate is my bedroom. It needs some serious help!

    Once you create your own space, you will be surprised to see who are. (I am a hippie and mid-century modern LOL.) Your personality will shine through and it will feel like home.

    1. That is such a good point, my friends call me an ‘undercover hippie’ so we will see what comes out in the space! I like that concept of your personality being brought to life in ways you didn’t even imagine. xx

    1. Ya, I feel you. The actually moving part is horrible. But once you get rid of all the things you don’t need it feels so refreshing. And makes you stop buying all the little things that are pointless!

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