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Black sweater, black leggings, brown clutch 20140112 Casey Shteamer-2320140112 Casey Shteamer-3420140112 Casey Shteamer-46I find playing with solid colors can be really easy while at the same time giving the air of chic, effortless sophistication.  Black is great, especially for blondes.  I’m planning to wear even more of it once I go platinum, which I plan to shortly. **Man, I am so scared to take the platinum plunge, but fear can’t stop me! My roommate is a hair stylist – ya, still waiting for merely living with her to rub off, giving me great hair – but until then, she is going to completely bleach my head! Pictures will surely follow. Most likely as a warning, maybe as an inspiration? Sorry, I digress.

I like the brown clutch with the all black outfit. It makes a color that might otherwise go unnoticed a statement in itself. Black sweater, black leggings, brown clutchBlack sweater, black leggings


Photos by Ryan Brown

Sweater: Nastygal, Leggings: American Apparel, Boots: Lucky Brand, Clutch: American Apparel, Beanie: Zara



18 thoughts on “Keep It Simple

    1. Ok, that is good encouragement – I am glad she likes it. Sometimes, I feel like it only will look good on the models on Pinterest and I get scared! I have never done anything drastic with my hair, but I just love the look so I figure I should try it..eeeek

  1. Oh your hair will look amazing! It’s so beautiful now but hey it’s just hair if you hate it you can change it back right!? Are you going to bleach your eyebrows too or just leave them? I have to ask do you model professionally? You just so darn beautiful! Love this outfit! 🙂

    1. Ha that’s true, I definitely don’t want to keep it that blonde forever, the only downside is that bleaching it that much really damages it. I think I am going to keep my eyebrows dark actually! We will see how it turns out…and nope, don’t model professionally. That makes my day you asked though. Especially because I always feel so blah when I see the pictures for the blog with me in them. Hard to look at yourself sometimes, you know? So that question really lifts my spirits 🙂 xoxo

      1. I was re-reading this post again and saw this comment – CASEY! When I saw you on Ben’s season of the bachelor you became my number one style/beauty icon out of everyone on the show, ever, you’re INSANELY gorgeous I definitely assumed you were a model too! I was so thrilled when I read you were starting a blog (after I became a stage 5 clinger on your other social media platforms oops) and I’m actually blown away by how sweet you seem and take the time to comment and such.

        Haha I hope that doesn’t sound as creepy as I think it does but I thought you should know, my girlfriends who watched the show and I all LOVE you! Keep it up!

        1. Meghan! Wow, ever!? Omg, that is SO cool and nice of you to say! Thank you for saying that!! Ha no definitely not a model. I have done pretty much every job under the sun. Currently, I am a property manager. …HAHA you are hilarious. 100% not creepy. Super cool actually. I have become a big fan of your blog as well!! Glad we have been able to become friends through blogging! What a cool thing technology has introduced to the world. xx

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