Over the Knee Black Boots


Upset with myself is an understatement. Or maybe I’m being hyperbolic. I might be just upset. Either way I am really wishing I had pulled the trigger on these Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots when they were on the Nordstrom Pre-Fall Anniversary Sale- in suede, definitely suede.

Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots


If I could only get one new article of clothing for fall, these would be it. Why didn’t I pulled the trigger when they were on sale?! Ugh. I saw them online then passed by them in the store consciously avoiding trying them on because??? Well, because I didn’t want to spend $500+ (even on sale) on them. But now I’ve changed my mind and I NEED them. Okay, I really want them. The only annoying thing is that in Chicago, if I’m wearing them with the hope of having the top part of my thigh exposed before the boot starts, the window of opportunity is slim. I must wear them pretty much everytime I go out between October and mid November before I would become regarded as near hooker status for having even three inches of leg exposed in the brutal Chicago winter.

**This is the main reason we should all move to Los Angeles. In LA, you can pretty much wear these boots however you want year round.  Oh and leather jackets with shorts too – reason enough for me. I digress.

Anyway, after that I’ll have to wear them with pants or skirts and dresses that are none skin baring. Fine. I’ll do. Just let me justify the damn boots.



6 thoughts on “Over the Knee Black Boots

  1. love these boots, they’re totally worth it. maybe wear them in winter with patterned tights to show off thigh? and yes, I feel lucky to live in LA because I can pretty much wear anything year round

    1. haha YES! I was thinking of doing a post on the very topic. I still get upset about dresses I loved from 7 years ago that I passed up….one in particular ugh!….At least we are in the weather sitch together!

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