Leather Track Pants – All About Them

Black Leather Track Pants 2Black Leather Track Pants 1Black Leather Track Pants 5Black Leather Track Pants 9Black Leather Track Pants 3Black Leather Track Pants 6Black Leather Track Pants 7Black Leather Track Pants 4Black Leather Track Pants 8Sometimes, you just want to feel badass.  I think leather pants are a fool proof way. Well, unless you pull a Ross, and can’t get them back up.  However, these don’t pose that problem since they are track pants, therefore, of the loosely fitting variety and also because they are pleather.  I want the real ones, but I think if I am going to buy actual leather pants, they won’t be leather track pants, they will be these (because it’s an investment piece and also I really like that knee detailing).  Anyway, I’m digging the black and white today.  Hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday! xx

Photos by Nicholas Ryan

Pleather Track Pants: Zara (similar here), Top: Zara, Shoes: Zara, Pleather Bag: Zara (I’m like a broken record with Zara sometimes), Leather Hat: Ebay (similar here on sale and here), Leather Jacket: Mike & Chris

12 thoughts on “Leather Track Pants – All About Them

  1. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look. Very bad ass but super chic at the same time. Gorgeous shoes as well 🙂
    Hope you’re having a great weekend!
    P.s. I remember you talking about getting your hair dyed platinum- are you still taking the plunge!?

    1. Hey Cassie! I am still going platinum…I think. I’m seriously back and forth everyday haha. Maybe I will do it next week. If not, I definitely need to get my roots done! It’s getting bad haha xx

  2. You inspired me to look at some leather leggings, but right now I will have to settle for black leggings with leather inserts. I love the hat you are wearing along with the rest of the outfit.

    1. Yes, I hear you on the settling. I have literally wanted leather pants for over a year now. Ugh, I just can’t bring myself to make the splurge. Leather inserts are awesome still and def get the idea across 😉

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