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Dropcrotch pants

Sorry I haven’t been updating much this week.  It has been a crazy two weeks full of art galleries and exhibits, crazy dinners, catching up with friends, a wedding and lots and lots of travel.  I am writing this on a layover from LA heading to Minnesota to attend a friend’s wedding.  I can’t wait to wear my dress for the occasion. I’ve been lusting after it for the past several months (and had to wait for it to come back in stock, agonizing).  A full length, red maxi halter number by Stone Cold Fox. Since it is about -17 degrees with windchill, no joke, in Minnesota right now, I am going to wear it with a black mink that was my Grandmother, Momo’s.  She had awesome, crazy, and very flamboyant style, and I always find different treasures of hers when I go home.  She is a huge influence on my style.  It’s in the blood 🙂


Anyway, here is a new outfit post, shot in Chicago.  The pants I picked up from a local designer when I was in Morocco.  I loved them, because they felt so Moroccan to me.  Although, I do wish they had pockets. Oh well.  They are definitely comfortable.

Mike&Chris leather jacketMoroccan dropcrotch pantsMoroccan drop crotch pantsMoroccan drop crotch pants014 - Casey (1920)Alexander Wang Addison booties


Photos by Sam Lee

Shirt – Urban Outfitters, Pants – Max&Jan, Shoes – Alexander Wang, Leather Jacket – Mike & Chris, Bag – Emporio Armani

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  1. I’d love to find good stuff like that when i go to marrakesh, i need more color after months of grey and black winter clothes…

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