Nasty Gals About Town: Chicago pt. 2


I am profiling my favorite spots around my city for NastyGal, highlighting places that aren’t necessarily in the guidebooks – places in this city that I love and frequent.

Second on the list is my all time favorite taco place: Antique Taco.  Specifically, you should – actually you must – try their pork carnitas tacos and their horchata milkshake.  It’s what heaven tastes like…and so I go here at least once a week.  Whoops.  When I used to live across town in Lincoln Park, I would make the drive whenever I had a car on loan.  Now that this place is walkable from my current address there is no stopping me.  Not only is the food great, but so is the decor.  It is thoughtfully decorated with a very distinctive vibe and so many cute knick-knacks to look at.  You’ve got to check it out.  Thank me later.

Photos by d+m

Shirt: NastyGal, Boyfriend Jeans: NastyGal, Shoes: Nicholas

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2 thoughts on “Nasty Gals About Town: Chicago pt. 2

  1. My boyfriend and I took a weekend trip to Chicago this past weekend (I go to Purdue in West Lafayette…not much to do here) with the intent of stopping at Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations recommendations. I read this post right before we went so we made this one of our stops. And o.m.g. we were in heaven. My boyfriend ordered almost all the tacos on the menu but the pork carnitas were definitely the best! So thank you for this! Also as soon as we sat down to eat I saw a girl that I SWEAR was you so after a push from my boyfriend I went to ask because I really wanted to introduce myself! It obviously wasn’t you but I sure wished it was! Thanks again for the recommendation!

    I recommend Calumet Fisheries if you haven’t been. Try the smoked’s delish

    1. Omg when I was reading this, if you hadn’t said you introduced yourself I was sure it was me since I am there so much! I wish it had been me too! Next time 🙂 So happy you guys liked it! Someone else recently told me about Calumet Fisheries. I’ve got to check that out. Thanks for the tip!! :::)

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