Nasty Gals About Town Chicago pt. 3


heritage resized 8heritage resized 4heritage resized 7 Heritage Bike Shop Chicago 2 Heritage Bike Shop Chicago 3 NastyGalHeritage Bike Shop Chicago 6heritage resized 3Heritage Bike Shop Chicago 4heritage resized 6heritage resized 5heritage resized 9 My last underground gem I want to tell you all about is a little coffee shop in Lakeview that also makes locally handcrafted, custom bicycles, Heritage General Store  Their website says, “It’s not just a bike shop, and it’s not just a coffee shop—it’s an artistic space, a working space, a space to live in” and I completely agree.  It’s a wonderful place to just be.  For me, it is great for things like working on my blog or catching up on emails.  The environment is friendly and relaxed and soothing to be in.  I love the use of color in the space.  It adds the extra bit of enticement that I need to really love a space enough to make it like a second home.

Photos by d+m

Denim Jacket: NastyGal, Dress: Stone Cold Fox, Shoes: NastyGal, Hat: NastyGal


8 thoughts on “Nasty Gals About Town Chicago pt. 3

  1. <3 Heritage! Sadly patio season is ending, but their two patios are what seals the deal for me — it allows for a change of scenery within a change of scenery!

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