Neutrals – Jeans and tee kinda day



Photos by Elan Gale

T-shirt – Urban Outfitters, Jeans – Nevermind, Boots – Forever 21

Photos taken on a chill day in Santa Monica a few months ago. Recently, I have started to gravitate toward simple dressing.  I used to always want to throw on as many bright colors, shapes, and patterns as I could, feeling that it was the only way to really make an impact.  Now, I’m realizing you don’t always have to be the loudest in the room to be noticed.

5 thoughts on “Neutrals – Jeans and tee kinda day

  1. Hi!
    I LOVE your blog. Seriously it’s so great and so are you. Loved you on the bachelor you were my fave for sure!
    Hey are you taking post requests? Because if so can I pleaseeeeeeee request you do a post on your beauty regime? Ie. what brands/type of cosmetics/makeup you use, beauty products and basically everything you do/use when getting ready. I find you so glam and gorgeous and love reading these sorts of posts so it would mean so much 🙂 x
    Thanks and your added to my favourites!

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