Pop of Neon


Here is a quick post of some pictures I shot in the desert when I was in Arizona.  I used to live there and it is always so nice to get back for a visit.  I wouldn’t want to live there anymore, but I do love going back.

As for the outfit, being someone who is instantly attracted to silk and neon at first glance, when I saw this neon, pink, silk BCBG dress, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.  However, I thought dressing it up with heels would look too cliché and done up.  A little cheesy considering neon for the sake of neon isn’t very fresh.  We’ve all seen it so many times now, the shock it once created a couple of years ago has turned into more of a groan these days.

I decided some black, beat up boots and a beanie may take the edge off…or put it back on depending how you look at it.

Time and place is such an integral part of dressing, and besides the boots and beanie, this desert setting seemed like the perfect place to throw on some neon. The neutrals stayed in the background today.





Photos by Nicholas Thor Kulyniak

Dress – BCBG, Shoes – Steve Madden

4 thoughts on “Pop of Neon

  1. i love ur blog. Stumbled across it and im hooked. you have the most amazing style i wish i could pull off half the stuff you wear. i have to ask are u a professional model? im thinking yes!
    also what is your workout routine— you have a killer bod!

    1. Hi Sari. Thanks so much!! No, I’m not a professional model! It actually makes me feel super uncomfortable to pose for the blog but I am learning 🙂 As for pulling off looks, I am sure you can! Just start small and get comfortable with taking little risks, then go for bigger ones in time. And remember, it’s all just for fun anyway! As for my work out routine, I should be better about it, but I circuit train twice a week and try to do bikram yoga once a week as well. xx – Casey

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