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Again, I love the combo of all black and camel. Such a simple, yet chic look in my opinion. ย Great for making an understated statement.

Anyway, besides the clothes, I wanted to do another post on traveling since there is so much I have to say. ย Is there anything you guys particularly want to hear about or questions you have that I could help answer?

Photos by Jennifer Coffey

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Steve Madden (no longer available), similar here, Coat: American Apparel, Beanie: Zara, Clutch: American Apparel

24 thoughts on “Snowy Day

  1. Love your hair in this post, also love your slit maxi/camel coat combo, so hot you’re melting that snow! #girlcrush

    Re: travelling, I’d really love to read about your must-visit places you’ve been to, those photos in your last post were AMAZING and I wish I knew where they all were taken! I want to know about local spots or non-touristy finds you might have come across, could be anywhere, even your hometown Chicago which I plan to make a trip out to soon. Great post as always ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh that is a fun idea. I love hearing about local hole in the wall places too! They are so often the best! You’ll have to let me know when you are coming out and I can let you know good places here. I’ll start brainstorming so good ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What an awesome furry hat with the bomber outfit. It looks great on you too. I love the camel coat you wear also – I would have that on everyday for the rest of the summer.

  3. To be totally honest, as a reader (a loyal reader), I think we probably all would love to read more stories/ details about your time traveling on The Bachelor.. that is how most of us know you after all ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, what do you do for a living? I’m loving your blog as of lately, it’s becoming one of my daily reads!

    1. Hi Nicole!
      Hmm, I will have to think of some good Bachelor stories. Feels like a lifetime ago now. So weird. The coolest thing is the people I’ve gotten to know because of it. I’ll try to think of some funny stories. Anything you have been wanting to know specifically?

      I am a property manager for a living. Nothing glamorous ๐Ÿ™‚ So happy to hear you like the blog!! That really means a lot because this can be a lonely pasttime when we dont get to talk like this through comments so really thankful you took the time

  4. For someone who has a strong desire to travel and love for nature and beautiful places but hasn’t had the opportunity to travel much..where would you start? I would like to see so many places and countries. What would you suggest going to first? (Budget and safety in mind) Thanks! Love your blog!

    1. Hi Kara,
      So sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Ah! Have been crazy lately. Anyway, if budget wasn’t an issue, I would suggest starting in Europe. I think this is a great starter place to travel/backpack. Safe, clean, and so many others around doing the same thing that most things have already been figured out for you. Plus, lots of people speak English. However, Europe can be expensive. I don’t have a lot of experience with Africa, so I can’t comment on that, but I think Southeast Asia would be my recommendation if budget is a bigger concern. Try the Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam loop. I started there in November and it was perfect. Indonesia is great but maybe not as good for a first timer, as you are isolated much more unless you only go to Bali. New Zealand would also be great for the first time, check out the ‘Kiwi Experience’ if you go. I did that when I was there and loved it. Super easy way to see the whole country.

  5. You definitely rock hats whether its a beanie or Sochi worthy with fur.
    Yes, how about packing for a trip? You always look great in your travel pics

  6. Looking gorgeous as always! Black and caramel is made for blondes I swear ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved ur travel post. Would love to hear about your whackiest craziest adventures! Maybe funny things that happened along the way. And your budgeting tools how do you ensure you don’t go crazy spending and booking flights accom etc. Your blog is amazing and truly has become my fave of the 50 I read a week ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    1. I loved it. I got in one slight predicament while I was there, since the buses weren’t running on schedule and almost got stuck in the middle of nowhere. We ended up hitching a ride 2.5 hrs from a stranger, which was pretty scary, and he spoke no English. But he ended up taking us to where we intended so it turned out okay! I wish I could have spent more time exploring and going to the National Parks there.

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