Stone Cold Fox Stardust Jumpsuit


SCF Stardust JumpsuitStone Cold Fox Stardust JumpsuitSCF Stone Cold Fox Stardust JumpsuitStone Cold Fox Stardust Jumpsuit SCFStone Cold Fox Stardust Jumpsuit free peopleStone Cold Fox Stardust Jumpsuit romperI went back and forth for a while debating how much I loved the Stone Cold Fox Stardust Jumpsuit.  When I first saw it, it was lust at first sight. But as we all know, lust can fade fast and I started to question whether it was enough to turn from lust to the ever elusive love craved.  The bagginess of the legs were the main problem holding me back.  Although I will admit, I still wish the bottom half of this jumpsuit was more fitted, it has held strong as at least a solid crush – the kind that you don’t know if you really want to commit to long term, but at least really want to try for the time being.  I wanted to wear it, and I wanted it to look great.  However, I don’t know how many times I will actually rock it – a fleeting love affair albeit one worth having, to be sure.  That is the great thing with clothes.  No one gets hurt when you decide that maybe it doesn’t fit exactly right anymore and need to move on.

Photos by Ryan Brown

Jumpsuit: Stone Cold Fox, Sunglasses: Kate Spade

4 thoughts on “Stone Cold Fox Stardust Jumpsuit

  1. Such a babe! I know how much you like your SCF – I bought one of their floral rompers awhile back and still haven’t worn it since the one time. I LOVE it but just knowing how delicate the silk is and price I spent on it makes me just want to keep it safe in the closet haha, so bad!

  2. I know, I feel kind of creepy with my love for SCF actually. The two girls who design it are hopefully flattered and not weirded out! haha…and ugh I know, so expensive. Have you seen their new collection for fall though? It is so amazing, I want all of it but I need a place to wear it first! …And with your romper, I think their stuff is the type that your future daughter will want to wear and love that it is real vintage. That is what I always think! I think their stuff is timeless.

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