SCF x Urban Outfitters


SCF x Urban Outfitters 20140731 Shteamer Casey-6748SCF x OU blouse20140731 Shteamer Casey-675320140731 Shteamer Casey-675520140731 Shteamer Casey-6778If you have ever heard me talk about my favorite designers and stores or where I shop, I am kind of a broken record.  It’s always Stone Cold Fox and Urban Outfitters.  Knowing that, you can imagine how happy I was when the aforementioned decided to collaborate and brought us SCF x Urban Outfitters.  This top is from that collection.  (I also have the matching bell bottoms; insert heart eyes emoji).  If you haven’t fallen in love with SCF yet or felt that SCF was a little pricey, you must check out this new and heavenly collab!

Photos by Ryan Brown

Shirt: SCF x OU, Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Forever21



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