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As a child, one of my favorite pastimes was playing dress up.  My friends would come over, and we would dig into an old wooden chest my mother had filled with everything from tutus to shiny gold high heels to Dalmatian costumes.  It always seemed I could find some hidden relic if I just kept digging, giving me the ability to endlessly create new looks in which to prance around the house.  This may or may not have been what spurred my love affair with fashion.  Which came first, the clothes or the desire for expression?

I have found that a woman’s love for playing dress up never really leaves her.  So when Tina Morales came to me with the idea of filming a video with some crazy hair and make up, I couldn’t wait.  Tina is an incredibly talented hair stylist and owner of CM Salon. She is also the one responsible with coming up with the beautifully themed video shoot.  Tina got together Lauren Guillen, makeup artist of LG Makeup Designs, and Joe Mastrino, the mastermind behind ojo Creative, who both completely blew me away with their skill.  All I had to do was show up, walk up and down the train tracks a couple of times, and trust this hugely talented team.

Watch the full video here

Hair by CMCM SalonHairByCMBlack LipstickDramatic black lipsIMG_8571

Dress: Winston Wolfe, Boots: Freebird

Hair by Cristina Morales, Makeup by Lauren Guillen, Video by Joe Mastrino, Styling by me


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